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MF820 3G WiFi Router
MF820 3G WiFi Router

conform to the standard of 3GPP Release7 £¬category 14,downlink peak rate up to 21.6Mbps
conform to the standard of 3GPP Release4£¬downlink peak rate both is 7.2Mbps
Power Class 3
Qualcomm MDM8220
External interface requirement
one, Micro USB£¬for virtual network adapter/charge/debugging purposes
one,USB 2.0 port,support Charge other device
up to 32GB
one, button
one, Embedded type contact button
Power supply requirements
lithium ion battery
5 hours£¨UMTS)   (depending on the network conditions)
more than 100hours
system requirement
The surface temperature less than 55¡æ
English (option to customize for more languages)
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 onwards, Internet Explorer 7.0 onwards, Chrome 8.0 onwards

Compatible with the operating system Windows OS XP(32bit/64bit)¡¢Vista(32bit/64bit)¡¢WIN7(32bit/64bit)
Mac OS X 10.5 and Later, Up to X10.7.0,
WiFi Users can connect PC and the device via USB Cable. Supporting n¡¢g¡¢b /standard. The terminal can connect the device via USB and WiFi at the same time
dial up automatically Connecting to Internet automatically when booting up.
dial up manually Connection/disconnection by accessing the web or via switch key
Standard WEB UI£¨for PC£©
Device status supported
Setting guide supported
Basic setting supported
Advanced setting supported
MAC address filtering supported
WiFi users limits maximum 10 wireless simultaneous users
802.11b supported
802.11g supported
802.11n supported
transmission distance  power supply by battery, default coverage radius up to 5 meters; power supply by adapter, default coverage radius is up to 20 meters
1~11 Channel£¨North America/Canada£© supported
1~13 Channel£¨Europe/Australia£© supported
Chooseing channel automatically supported
SSID Broadcast supported
Pin Code PIN code generation£ºFixed PIN code. It can generate new PIN Code manually if users need to change it.
Security, encryption Network authentication: 1) WEP/WPA/WPA2 PSK etc. 2)  support Open System and Share Key link layer authentication
Administrator password configuration supported
local firmware updates supported (via Web UI)

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